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Will Apple Purchase Tidal

Published on July 27, 2016 by in Apple

Apple Tidal PurchaseThere is so much buzz about Apple and Tidal, right? Have you heard about it? So is it true that Apple has plans to buy a rapper-owned music service? So is this really happening? There are a lot of rumors piled up about it.

The hottest music service which is owned by the hip hop singer Jay Z and is better known as Tidal, has rumors of being selling to Apple Inc. However, the Wall Street Journal said that discussions are over about it as Jay Z has refused to sell it to them. At the same time, the talks won’t end as Jay Z has been in search of selling this app since a long time.

Tidal might not have a lot of power to fuel their journey in overtaking the lead that Spotify has right now in the market. It is certainly leading the world of musical apps right now. However, what Tidal has, is the star studded power which is somehow enough to magnetize people towards it. It has been subscribed by Kayne West and Beyoncé which actually adds in a lot of glitz to it. The relationship of Tidal with the best rock stars is certainly its greatest weapon or power but it somehow holds a bit back as it is owned by the star himself and not Apple Inc.

possible tidal purchaseFrom the entire time that Jay Z has owned Tidal, he has spent half of that time in selling it. Jay Z bought this application in January 2015 for $56. The app was relaunched in March with a proper, glitz and glam ceremony which was attended by a lot of stars. Within a time span of 6 months, the rapper was rumored to be in talks with Samsung regarding selling his app. However, the discussions ended twice with no outcomes.

Apple however, launched its first ever music service a year ago and since then is indulged in a race to beat Spotify, which is right now leading all the musical applications. Apple Inc. did not fail to do so as it managed to rake in 15 million users towards its music service within the first year. But the sad news for Apple is that Spotify is ahead of them…as they have double the customers as Apple does. Spotify has 30 million users at the moment and the surprising fact here is that their customers have doubled only after Apple launched its music service.

Tidal appSo will Tidal purchase help Apple reach the 30 million users goal? Well, you never know. The rumors are abuzz and there isn’t anything sure about it. If Jay Z does sell it off; the news won’t be hidden off anyway. So let’s just wait for the bring news to come to surface.

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