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Unpacked Episode 2 Showcases Next-Generation Galaxy Offerings

Published on September 4, 2013 by in Apple, News

Unpacked Episode 2 Showcases Next-Generation Galaxy Offerings

Following weeks of hype over Samsung’s anticipated Unpacked Episode 2, the tech giant unveiled the next generation of Galaxy devices: the Galaxy Note 3 (a phablet) and the Galaxy Gear, the company’s third foray into the smart watch arena.  While the main part of the event took place in Berlin, Samsung also took great pains to promote the new devices in the States with a concurrent event in New York City’s Times Square.  The NYC media blitz event offered a live musical performance and streaming video of the keynote presentation occurring in Berlin.  Attendees were also offered a chance to be among the first to get their hands on the latest offerings from the company.  The NYC event drew a good-sized crowd and those who stayed for the show were given blue and white Galaxy-themed baseball caps.


Experience Center

An “Experience Center” was set up in Times Square in an effort to promote the new Galaxy devices that were being introduced across the globe in Berlin.  Swedish duo Icona Pop performed live on the stage to entertain the crowd waiting to see the live feed of the main event in Germany.  The Experience Center featured a huge setup for the live feed, a curtained platform and an area for sound mixing.  The crowd was advised to stick around after the live feed for a “big surprise.”



Show and Tell

After the feed ended, dozens of blue-capped attendees were queued up to see what kind of surprise Samsung had in store.  The curtained platform was uncovered, revealing multiple tables with both the Galaxy Gear and the Note 3 placed on them.  Small groups of people were allowed to gather around the tables, where they played with both devices for about five minutes per group.  Each table had several of each of the devices; each Note 3 paired with one of the Galaxy Gear smart watches.  Employees hovered nearby to answer questions, provide information about functions and capabilities and keep an eye on the valuable devices.  Attendees seemed impressed with the new devices and capabilities, especially the updated S-pen and the connectivity exhibited by the Galaxy Gear.  Notably absent from the event was the new generation of the Galaxy Tab which was also announced during Unpacked Episode 2.


Ahead of Apple

Apple is expected to introduce its next generation of iPhones in just about a week, meaning that Samsung has gotten ahead of its rival, at least as far as releasing new devices first.  Apple is not put off at all by Samsung’s preemptive jump into the market, and is hyping its September 10th event every bit as exhaustively as Samsung hyped its Unpacked Episode 2.  We’ll see what Apple has to offer at next week’s event, but for now, Samsung is basking in the buzz created by its new offerings.



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