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Spotify Ain’t that Special for Apple; an Answer Back!

Published on July 29, 2016 by in Apple

Spotity VS AppleSo what is going on between Spotify and Apple Inc.? Did Spotify break the rules or is Apple making an attempt to crush it perfectly? This might be hard to answer, especially after what Apple had to say to Spotify. We certainly cannot forget the fact that Spotify is a great musical rival for Apple Inc.

So what fueled the fight? Spotify was raged when it Apple Inc. rejected their request of a latest update to their music app. At this Spotify answered back by pointing at Apple as a random coward. According to Spotify, Apple did not approve their request as it does not want its rival applications to get better so that they (iTunes Apple Music System) can eventually be the best ones.


The general counsel of Apple Inc. Bruce Sewell, stated:

“We find it extremely problematic that you are demanding for the exemptions from the rules that are applied to all the developers and are publically piling up rumors and false statements regarding our services.”

Spotity iPhone

So what was this new update all about? According to Bruce, Spotify was allowing new people to sign up with it without having to pay Apple an in app subscription fee. We all know that Apple is a free application and the consumers only pay a subscription fee for gaining its service. Thus, Apple eventually won’t be able to create money if they approve their request.

However, Spotify did not hold itself back from showing people the real face of Apple. The Head of Communications of Apple Inc. Jonathan Price tweeted something which further added fuel to the already set fire.

Apple eating Spotify

He tweets a photo of an Apple subscription which said:

“You discovered a premium feature!

You must have a premium subscription to unlock it.”

Acting quite smart, Apple did not respond to Jonathan’s tweet immediately.

The latest news says that Apple launched a brand new and low key subscription revenue split which can be utilized by companies as such Spotify. Apple now charges 30% to kick start the proceeds in Apple app store but reduces it down to 15% percent as the process begins. Earlier, it used to charge 30% along the way! So should Spotify try out the low key subscription revenue split? Or maybe it sets the standard too low for this music application?

Anyhow, Apple certainly has said it indirectly: Spotify ain’t that special for them at all!



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NASA and Apple Engage in Partnership

Published on July 28, 2016 by in Apple

Apple and NasaDoesn’t sound too oblivious that a space company and smartphone company are partnering up?  So what actually bought them together?

This space agency NASA and iPhone makers are planning to team together to make songs which are inspired by the Juno Probe Mission.

If we dive into the history of space and music exploration, then you might be stunned. They have been sharing a great history. The astronauts who were on moon missions used to be woken up by the mission control musical selection. So eventually, this does seem a bit logical that NASA has plans to revive this history and team up with the best tech company, Apple Inc. Apple and NASA will now work together to create music which will be completely inspired by this mission, better known as the Juno Probe mission these days.

Jupiter inspired

As a confirmation for all the customers of Apple, it launched a Jupiter page on the iTunes a week or two back. This page features some amazing music by Brad Paisley, Trent Reznor, and Corrine Bailey along with a lot of others. These songs are up for sale; yes you won’t be getting a space music track for free. It costs $1.29 each. So let’s be honest here! Are you going to BUY a sound track for this much? Do let us know!

This partnership is not all about Juno Probe mission inspired songs. It has launched a short film which is known as the “Visions of Harmony.” What is this short film about? This movie is going to tell you all about exploring the space and creating music with this exploration. This short film also features some incredible songs from Nine Inch Nails and Weezer.

Apple and Nasa Music

It has been a long wait of five years but now Juno has finally launched on July 4, in Jupiter’s Polar Orbit. Juno will now be studying the composition, atmosphere, weather, gravity and magnetosphere of the planet.

So what is it that you guys think about this partnership? Is anyone going to spend a dollar and half (almost) for each space inspired music track? Or is this partnership going to go to waste? Well, that is for us to wait upon until there are sufficient reviews on it. Nothing can be said as for now, that whether this joint mission to create space music will work out or not. But NASA and Apple have their fingers crossed for this one!

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iTunes Store Passes Download Milestone – 25 Billionth Song Sold

Published on February 6, 2013 by in Apple, Fun, News

A young German university student  was the lucky recipient of a €10,000 ($13, 525) iTunes Music Store gift card on Wednesday after he had the amazing timing to download the 25 billionth music track sold from the online storefront.  Philip Lupke, the young man in question, downloaded an electronic song on Monday called “Monkey Drums,” (Goksel Vancin Remix), by Chase Buch.  Lupke told a reporter from the Los Angeles Times that when he got the call from Apple to notify him, he didn’t believe it at first. He bought this particular obscure track after hearing it in a club and liking it, and using Shazam to identify it.

His timing was indeed impeccable, since according to Apple, users download an average of 15,000 songs every minute. 25 billion is also about 3.5 songs for every single person on the planet!  It’s also just under 10 times as many songs (260 million) as are available on the entire iTunes Music Store.

Apple will be marking another important anniversary in April of this year, as iTunes will celebrate its 10th birthday.  With that in mind, here are some of the more notable milestones iTunes and its users have hit along the way:

While a 10,000 Euro gift card is pretty nifty, the person who hit the best jackpot was Alex Ostrovsky, from West Bloomfield, Michigan. For downloading the billionth song, he scored a 20-inch iMac, 10 fifth-generation iPods and a $10,000 gift card, as well as a scholarship set up by Apple at the Julliard School of Music in his name.  Not bad for a track that sells for $1.29 ($.99 back in 2006)!

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Entertainment Ecosystems: Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Amazon vs. Google

Published on October 19, 2012 by in Apple, iPhone, Mac, News

– Image by MacStories

Graham Spencer, over at MacStories, has a nice analysis of the entertainment ecosystems of some of the top companies playing in the digital space — Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. It’s no surprise that Apple has a nice cushion on most of the important categories, measured in world access — Music, Movies, TV Shows — and is in an extremely close second in Apps (both mobile and desktop). Spencer’s conclusion:

Whichever company is the “winner” depends on your circumstances (location, device, etc), but if you were to generally draw a conclusion I think it is clear that Apple would lead, Microsoft would be second, Google third and Amazon fourth.

Check out all the analysis, here.

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