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iOS 8 features you want to know about

Most of us know that Apple’s new iOS 8 will be released later this year and on the Apple website they show some of the upcoming features, however I wanted to share with everyone what they really want to know… what the new features coming with iOS 8 are.

“Automatically send the last known location of this iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level”
This can be helpful if you lose your phone or forget it somewhere. Currently the iCloud only keeps this data for 24 hours, but this new setting will allow Apple to access your iPhone’s (or iPad) location information for more than the 24hrs.



Thanks to the integration of Shazam into Siri, you be able to ask Siri, “What song is playing?” and she will listen to the ambient sound, using Shazam to identify music, then if everything goes right you will have the proper song information.

Credit card scanning tool: With iOS 8, if you need to enter your credit card information while browsing Safari, all you need to do is scan your credit card with the iPhone / iPad’s camera, so you do not have to manually enter in all the information.



Hide Images: Usually when you take a picture with you iDevice thepictures automatically get loaded to your collections/albums with no way to put them in a “Hidden” album. With the new iOS 8 there will be an option to “Hide” your photos, by simply holding your finger on the photo a pop up menu appears and gives you the options to Hide your Picture or Video!


Battery Usage: Ever wonder which app is causing you to have less battery life? Well this little feature will definitely be of help. The guys at Cupertino has created a way to view your battery usage on iOS 8, then you can decide how badly you need that app open or to just close it and save your battery.
Camera: The Camera app got some great improvements this time. Things added to the iOS 8 camera apps; Time-Lapse mode, self-timer mode ( 3 and 10sec), Focus controls and even retrieve recently deleted photos.Mail notifications: This can be a great feature for those important emails, you can now have a notification per thread – Swiping left on an email message will allow you to delete, archive or Flag it, if you click the “More” tab you will then get the option to receive a push notification whenever a reply is sent to that particular email thread. 


Allow Notifications: There is finally you can now silent certain app notifications.

Indoor Mapping – With the addition of the M7 processor and iPhone motion sensors to the CoreLocation API will allow venue owners to create indoor positioning systems (IPS) that can be used to point the user in the right directions and floor or to direct them to points of interest.

There are many more added features to iOS 8 but the ones I just went through are the ones that stand out in my opinion.

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Anticipation of iOS7

Published on September 8, 2013 by in Apple, iPad, iPhone, News

It looks like Apple’s newest version of its popular mobile operating system is ready to face the public, possibly being unveiled at the media event planned for September 10th.  Currently, almost all iPhones and iPads are operating on iOS 6, the last version to be offered from the tech giant.  Users are looking forward to the release of the new system because it means faster processing and new features to play with.

Usage Varies by Device Type

Chitika, an ad network, has recently posted its findings regarding iOS distribution among current iPhone and iPad devices.  They found that iOS 6 is currently installed on approximately 92% of iPhones, with iPads lagging slightly behind at 82%.  The older version of the system, iOS 5, barely accounts for any usage.  It is currently being used on about 13% of iPads, but a paltry 5% for iPhones.  The differential could be due to iOS 6 being a bit more “mobile friendly” than iOS 5 and therefore better for iPhones but not so much better for iPads.

Chitika analyzed data collected on iOS-based ad impressions during the period of August 15 through August 21.  The company states that it analyzed data from “tens of millions” of these impressions in order to have a solid basis for its numbers.  These numbers are pretty much what was expected by Apple ahead of its iOS 7 debut but slightly lower than the numbers found in and identical study carried out in June.  The drop is generally thought to be due to iOS 7 Beta making an impact with developers.

Anticipation Runs High for iOS 7

The next generation of iPhones, being unveiled September 10th, will be pre-loaded with the new iOS 7.  Apple followers also expect the new operating system to be released for use on iPhone 4, 4S and 5 devices at the same time that iOS 7 is unveiled on the next-gen handsets.  This will cause major changes in the distribution of operating systems on the company’s devices as occurred last year when iOS 6 was released.

As previously reported here, iOS 7 is looking at some small changes that make a big difference.  Many users are anticipating the release just so they can get their hands on the new updated features.  Folders, Safari, lock screen accessibility updates and other small tweaks in the system promise to deliver a more user-friendly iOS.  While some fans are disappointed that Siri doesn’t get an update, they are more than happy to explore the differences offered by the new iOS version.



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Apple inc Looking to Design 3D Feature for iPhone, iPad

A Look at the Future

Your iPhone or iPad might come with 3D object manipulation in the near future.  Apple currently holds a patent filing that carries implications for the company’s future plans for 3D object manipulation.  The filing, with the revealing title “Working with 3D Objects,” was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday.  It describes the concept for manipulating objects in three dimensions by way of gestures, meaning that three dimensional object representations will be moved and rotated, stretched and pulled, just by waving your fingers over the device’s screen.


Apple looking to go 3D

How it Works

Users will likely find that getting into 3D manipulation is easier than it might seem.  Common gestures like pinching will allow control in 2D, while getting the object into 3D will only require touching the 2D representation at three points and then lifting your fingers from the screen.  Object manipulation will be simple, requiring only simple gestures above the screen of your device.

Apple’s filing reveals that pinching or pulling gestures will actively affect the representational object by squeezing or stretching specific parts of it, much like working with clay.  This could prove to be a particularly useful modification for use in CAD programs, allowing the designer to modify a 3D object with a whole new set of tools.

The patent application provides the following explanation:

The CAD program may provide a drafting area showing 2D or 3D objects being processed by the user, and menus outside the drafting area for allowing the user to choose from various tools in generating or modifying 2D or 3D objects. For example, there may be menus for 2D object templates, 3D object templates, paint brush options, eraser options, line options, color options, texture options, options for rotating or resizing the objects, and so forth. The user may select a tool from one of the menus and use the selected tool to manipulate the 2D or 3D object.


Viewing in 3D

It’s probable that the use of some type of 3D glasses will be required in order to see the objects properly.  The patent filing allows for a display that utilizes parallax barriers or lenticular lenses.  The display may make use of varied polarizations that are intended for the right or left eye and that will need to be viewed through a polarized pair of 3D specs.  Apple’s technology may be about to take a huge leap forward and users could be looking at it in a whole new way.


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Apple Plans Pre-Holiday Revamp for iPad, iPhone, Software

Published on August 13, 2013 by in Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mac

Apple to do a pre-holiday revamp

September iPhone Unveiling is Precursor for Holiday Plans

Much excitement surrounds the September introduction of the new iPhone 5S, but Apple has larger plans in store for holiday shoppers.  Apple is also purportedly planning to release revamped versions of the iPad and iPad mini prior to the holiday shopping season.

The new iPad will be thinner and sport a bezel that is not as wide as in previous models.  Its 9.7 inch screen will be encased in a body that is more like that of the current iPad mini; the new design is the first change in over a year.  March 2012 saw the last major change in iPad design when a high-resolution screen was introduced in the new iPad shape.  The company is also expected to introduce a new version of the iPad mini that will feature a high-definition screen.

Apple’s New Versions Aim to Capture Huge Market Share

These new product versions are expected to entice holiday shoppers who have not purchased new Apple products due to the lack of choices available.  With almost 70% of Apple’s last-quarter sales accounted for by iPad and iPhone sales, the release of new versions of these products is expected to help the company recapture some of its stock growth and market share.  These releases are designed and timed to boost stock prices that have slumped for Apple recently due to a lack of new products and slow profit growth.

Software Updates Also Expected

In June, Apple laid out plans to provide software updates and introduce iOS 7.  New iPhones and iPads will be equipped with the new mobile operating system.  iOS 7 includes changes to several basic functions like e-mail and calendar apps, as well as offering new color schemes and icons.

All Eyes on Apple

Analysts have predicted that Apple will garner huge profits during the 2013 holiday shopping season.  Many other companies are not even going to try to compete with them, instead opting to change the release dates of their own products in order to avoid being in Apple’s (admittedly huge) shadow.  All eyes will be on Apple for these new releases.  After the new products hit the market just in time for the holiday season, the company is expecting a boom in their sales numbers that will last approximately six months.


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iPhone 5S Rumored For August Launch

Published on March 6, 2013 by in Apple, iPad, iPhone, News, Rumors

Well kids, here we go again: another day, another Apple rumor story.  This time, it’s about iOS devices; specifically a release date for the next iPhone model.  According to i-everything blog iMore, the folks in Cupertino are eying an August launch for the iPhone 5S.  The phones are reportedly already in the manufacturing pipeline at Foxconn.  This is because the 5S doesn’t appear to be a major design departure from the current iPhone 5. Rather, it’s a spec speed bump, and is said to include a more advanced processor and a better camera.

The next interesting rumor floating about involves an “April-ish” launch for new iPads.  Even iMore said they weren’t sure what to make of this, given that we just saw a new release in October, with the iPad mini. They report that new cases for iPad 5 have begun to leak, and so they believe that it’s more believable than Retina for the iPad mini anytime terribly soon.

Apple Insider also noted that Jeffries analyst Peter Misek predicted that Apple will be launching a second smartphone alongside the 5S, possibly the widely-whispered low-cost version targeted at developing markets.  Time will tell if these rumors have an validity, but it looks like we won’t have long to find out.

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