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Google Glass or Apple iWatch

Published on February 20, 2013 by in Commentary

Which to choose Google Glass or iWatchThere seems to be a lot of talk about the Google Glass and Apple iWatch.  Many are wondering if they are going to be real products, but I think the real question is… Which would you rather have or would you want both?

I think the Google Glass is a great concept, having all the information at the tip of your eye and without any keyboards, just using your voice.    Imagine being at the store and trying to compare prices without having pull out your smart phone and taking a picture of the item and or bar code.  One of the wow factors is that you wont forget a name anymore… with the Glass all the info will be right there.  But what happens when its raining?  Will Google make it waterproof or at least water-resistant?   Wonder if there will be any studies done regarding viewing things at such close range at high-resolution and with that one eye… will it strain it?   Makes you wonder doesn’t it… what other things can you guys think of that can be pros and cons of the Google Glass.

Now the iWatch is something that is another great concept.  Although no word of Apple inc actually producing one but rumor has it that they are looking into it.  An iWatch can be great but what if I already have a nice time piece that I sent a ton of money on and like to wear?  I guess I could sell it to get the iWatch.    Joking aside, the iWatch sounds like it will be a great extension to your iPhone.   No more having to reach in your pocket to get quick information or see text or who is calling, etc.    One concern I had would be battery life.  Would this device need to be charged daily?

With so many unknowns about the 2 devices, I don’t know which I would  go with. Which one would you choose?

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