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iPhone 7 rumors

Published on June 28, 2016 by in Apple

iphone 7 001Did you just grab your iPhone 6s in your hand? Are you enjoying the 3D touch and the high quality? Well, we don’t want to be your fun spoilers here, but Apple is all hands in creating iPhone 7 for you! There are still months to go till the release of iPhone 7 but this cannot stop the enormous list of rumors from piling up. IPhone 7 is all rumored to be unveiled in September 2016.


If the rumors are to be believed then the next edition should come out with an entirely new façade. Moreover, the beans are spilling everywhere that iPhone7 might be water resistant and it will also be able to eliminate the antenna lines. It is also going to feature the liquid metal. Isn’t that cool? The façade is certainly going to be more promising this year. Fingers crossed for that!

The rumor that is believed the most is that iPhone 7 will do away the headphone jack. This is going to help the iPhone creators, to slim down the phone further and it will also boost performance of water resistant feature.iphone 7 002

Various sources have leaked a teaser look of an iPhone without a headphone jack which does look really smart. This leaked “teaser image” of iPhone 7 has dual lens camera and a really smart connector as well. Its outlook can turn in anyone to purchase this one. Even if sources state that the iPhone 7 won’t bring in a lot of changes, we are forced to speculate about them. Adding a smart connector and the removal of the headphone jack are actually great changes already and we are yet again, forced to think that there is a lot more waiting for us in the name of iPhone 7.iphone 7 003

Even when all of this makes us too excited and we do get carried away from the lovely rose gold iPhone 6 plus in our hands…there is nothing “certain” about them. We all know that Apple Inc. never gives out the real details before the model is actually unveiled. All these rumors are helping us visualize what iPhone 7 might look like and let’s be honest; it is making it really interesting.


More images were leaked in May which was tagged as iPhone 7. Those images had iPhone without the antenna lines and it welcomed the curved edges also. The antenna lines have been repositioned perfectly along the curves of the phone rather than at the back. The camera also bulges out of iPhone 7 in the leaked images in May.

Well, what to or what not to expect out of iPhone 7 is a blind ended game. We really don’t know what to expect out of iPhone 7 but the rumors make it sound too good. However, the wait is almost over as we are only 3 months away from setting our eyes on iPhone 7.


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Burberry Gives iPhone 5S a Chance to Show Off

Published on September 17, 2013 by in Apple, iPhone, News

iPhone 5S and BurberryThe iPhone 5S saw a lot of changes from its predecessor, the iPhone 5.  Some of those changes were pertaining to the built-in camera on the device.  Ahead of its September 20th availability date, the iPhone 5S and its camera got a little attention from the fashion world.

Pictures from a Fashion Show

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5S on September 10th, the company made several claims regarding the new camera capabilities.  Fashion company Burberry decided to employ the iPhone 5S to take still shots of their fashion show; it was also used for capturing celebrity photos and videos of the Spring/Summer Fashion Show in London on Monday.  The show represented the first opportunity to see the new flagship handset device outside of Apple’s introduction at its media event.

Pictures and video from the event are now available on Burberry’s site, showing some of the capabilities of the new camera in greater detail.  There’s a video stream that is reported to have been shot in the device’s native video app; TurtleHead Pro and FiLMiC Pro were also used.

Some criticism has been made of a series of images taken with the 5S prior to the show that were modified through application of gel filters because it is perceived as diminishing to the technology, but iOS 7 comes with built-in software that includes image filters.  This makes the addition of gels a lesser sin than it might have otherwise been.  Some of the highlights of the videos posted from the iPhone 5S include the slow-motion feature that was switched on at the end of the show, providing slow-motion capture of the flower petals that were raining from above the runway and a Vine that showcases the sketching of one of the creations for the show.

Fashion and Technology Meet…Again

This isn’t the first time that a fashion company has made use of new technology.  Samsung and Dana Lopez formed a partnership around its Galaxy Gear, wherein Lopez designed jewelry to compliment the smart watch.  This latest pairing also follows Diane Von Furstenberg’s association with Google Glass; the designer wanted Google Glass, a wearable computer, to capture footage behind the scenes at her event.  While these devices were parts of the show, the iPhone 5S stayed a spectator, reporting images and video from the audience perspective, rather than from the runway.

iPhone 5S Burberry fashion show




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Olloclip: Lens Upgrades for Your iPhone 4/4S

Published on December 11, 2012 by in Apple, iPhone, Reviews

As a pro-hobbyist fashion photographer for the last several years and lifetime digital technology nerd, I am always looking for innovations in digital photography for mobile devices. When the original iPhone came out in 2007 it’s camera, while technically operable, could, by no means, replace the popular digital cameras of the day.

In the years since, Apple has upgraded it’s iPhone camera to be somewhat spectacular (as far as mobile phone cameras are concerned) and the need to have a second device for candid snapshots has since relaxed … to a degree. The one thing the iPhone (and really any smartphone camera) is missing is the depth of lenses.

While megapixels can be increased to near infinity, the quality of a digital photograph, after a certain point, can only get better with better glass (the lens). For this problem, OlloClip has created an elegant solution for the iPhone 4/4S, and now the iPhone 5.

I did my tests using the iPhone 4/4S model with my iPhone and I have to say, the results are great. The 3-in-1 lens kit provides users with a macro lens for shooting objects extremely close (as in, almost touching), the fisheye lens gives a unique distorted view to a scene, and the wide-angle lens provides users a way to capture stunning landscapes or full scenes.

Check out my photo tests (with no editing):

OlloClip Wide Angle Lens:

OlloClip Macro Lens:

OlloClip Fisheye Lens:


The easy, clip-on manufacturing of the Olloclip fits the lens snuggly in place, disallowing any light leakage and giving the built-in iPhone lens a better quality experience. The Olloclip even comes in a lovely microfiber carrying case, so users can easily store their lenses.

While the Olloclip is not an always-on accessory, the benefits it provides for iPhoneographers is well worth the extra bulk in carrying it. Whether you’re a pro and want better quality photos on the go, or just an Instagrammer looking for better images to add filters to, the Olloclip is a great accessory.

You can purchase the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S OlloClip online for just $69.99.

Apple Approved rating of 7 of 10 — for any user looking to seriously upgrade their finished photos.

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