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Steve Ballmer Claims Microsoft Surface Will Trump Apple’s iPad

Published on October 27, 2012 by in Apple, Commentary, iPad, News

— Image Courtesy of GizMag

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated during a Microsoft Surface event on Thursday that, unlike its competitors, the Surface would allow consumers to do work and be entertained. He went on to say that the current tablet offerings on the market are not products that he sees customers wanting. Ballmer states (via CNBC):

“Windows 8 is really all about enabling new, creative, imaginative devices. PC Notebooks, PC desktops, PC laptops and now PC tablets as well, that you can touch and interact with and that are alive with information in a way, that frankly, no other device is available on the market today.”

I can’t stand this. Ballmer, and by extension Microsoft, has been in denial for years. Once the grandest of technology companies, the skeleton that is stomping around today is barely worth mentioning (with the exception of the XBox 360).  And for Ballmer to sit there and claim that the Surface is anything but an iPad knock-off running a bloated piece of crap Mac OS X knock-off is completely absurd.

No one cares about PCs (or Windows 8), as evidenced by the puny 3% growth (and dropping) sales numbers compared to the Mac’s 16% (and growing) sales numbers. We’ll see how the Surface does this quarter going head-to-head with Apple’s best (and newest) products, but I’m predicting an outright domination by the 4th generation iPad and the iPad mini.

If you want to get a great side-by-side comparison of the Surface and the 4th generation iPad, check out GizMag’s article. In my opinion, it’s not even close. A junky screen that fails to give its user full HD capabilities, a junky OS, and a junky $120 add-on keyboard that is being advertised as a “key feature”. C’mon, it’s like Ballmer is trying to punk everyone.

Apple, meanwhile, teaches the course on interactivity through touch screens — and every other company is failing the class miserably. Put this in the books — the Surface won’t last through its third iteration and Ballmer might go even sooner.

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