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Samsung Confirms Galaxy Gear Rumors

Published on August 29, 2013 by in Apple, News, Rumors

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Gear Rumors

All the rumors swirling around Samsung’s anticipated Galaxy Gear device appear to have had their basis in fact.  September 4th will see Samsung’s Unpacked Episode 2 and the definite unveiling of the company’s latest foray into the smart watch market.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung’s executive vice president of its mobile business, Lee Young-hee confirmed the existence of the wearable computing device dubbed Galaxy Gear.  The Korea Times reported that he referred to the Galaxy Gear as a “concept device,” meaning that it is likely not ready for release to the public at large.  It was also revealed that the display on the device will not be flexible.  Previously, it had been speculated that the device could possibly incorporate a flexible screen.

Unpacked Episode 2 will take place at the IFA consumer electronics show.  The show will happen in Berlin next week and is expected to showcase some of the most cutting-edge products in the consumer electronics industry.  Samsung plays a big part with the unveiling of the new Galaxy Gear smart watch device, as well as the anticipated introduction of the Galaxy Note 3.  It is the latest addition to Samsung’s family of large smartphones.

In comments to The Korea Time, Samsung’s Lee stated that the new Galaxy Gear device would “enhance and enrich” users’ experiences with existing smart mobile technology.  The company seems to be confident in the impact that its new device will have on the mobile industry.

The Galaxy Gear represents a third attempt at entry into the smart watch field for the electronics giant, Samsung.  Two previous incarnations of a wearable smart watch-type device met with defeat.  This third stab at smart watch technology, Lee says, will “add meaningful momentum” in the mobile technology arena.

It’s important to note that Samsung has applied for a U.S. trademark for the Galaxy Gear name.  Though it looks like we won’t be seeing a mass release for the device on September 4th, we can rest assured that it’s not too far over the horizon.  With the new Galaxy Gear, the limits of mobile technology just expanded past what we see in today’s smart phones.






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