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NASA and Apple Engage in Partnership

Published on July 28, 2016 by in Apple

Apple and NasaDoesn’t sound too oblivious that a space company and smartphone company are partnering up?  So what actually bought them together?

This space agency NASA and iPhone makers are planning to team together to make songs which are inspired by the Juno Probe Mission.

If we dive into the history of space and music exploration, then you might be stunned. They have been sharing a great history. The astronauts who were on moon missions used to be woken up by the mission control musical selection. So eventually, this does seem a bit logical that NASA has plans to revive this history and team up with the best tech company, Apple Inc. Apple and NASA will now work together to create music which will be completely inspired by this mission, better known as the Juno Probe mission these days.

Jupiter inspired

As a confirmation for all the customers of Apple, it launched a Jupiter page on the iTunes a week or two back. This page features some amazing music by Brad Paisley, Trent Reznor, and Corrine Bailey along with a lot of others. These songs are up for sale; yes you won’t be getting a space music track for free. It costs $1.29 each. So let’s be honest here! Are you going to BUY a sound track for this much? Do let us know!

This partnership is not all about Juno Probe mission inspired songs. It has launched a short film which is known as the “Visions of Harmony.” What is this short film about? This movie is going to tell you all about exploring the space and creating music with this exploration. This short film also features some incredible songs from Nine Inch Nails and Weezer.

Apple and Nasa Music

It has been a long wait of five years but now Juno has finally launched on July 4, in Jupiter’s Polar Orbit. Juno will now be studying the composition, atmosphere, weather, gravity and magnetosphere of the planet.

So what is it that you guys think about this partnership? Is anyone going to spend a dollar and half (almost) for each space inspired music track? Or is this partnership going to go to waste? Well, that is for us to wait upon until there are sufficient reviews on it. Nothing can be said as for now, that whether this joint mission to create space music will work out or not. But NASA and Apple have their fingers crossed for this one!

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