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How to Create Custom Vibration Patterns in iOS 6 for iPhone

A great feature in iOS 6 for iPhone is the ability to create custom vibration patterns which users can apply to contacts or phone events (such as Alerts). The process is actually quite simple, and pretty fun for the nerdier people out there. Dave Caolo explains:

For example, assign your custom pattern to important contacts, so you know if you should bother to look at your phone during a meeting or other important activity. Or, get really creative and use a little morse code to spell out your wife’s name, for example, or “GOD NO” if it’s your in-laws.

To set custom vibration patterns, navigate to Settings > Sounds > Ringtons > Vibrations. Scroll to the end of the page and select “Create New Vibration”. Tap the screen to begin and continue tapping when you want a vibration to occur — these are denoted as black dots on the progress bar. Tap “Stop” when you’re done and save your pattern with a custom name.

You can now assign that custom pattern to any contact or event that you want.

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