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Discovering Hidden iPhone 5 Functions

Discover the hidden functions of your iPhone 5

Discovering Hidden iPhone 5 Functions

Many users are incredibly familiar with their iPhones.  Through daily use, it’s easy to figure out most of the functions your iPhone 5 possesses, leading the user to believe they know all there is to know about using their device.  More often than not, even the most avid iPhone 5 users are in the dark about some relatively simple (and very useful) functions of which the iPhone 5 is capable.

Some helpful but (sort of) hidden features that have come to light have been enormously helpful to many iPhone users.  These include the screenshot ability, wherein a screenshot of your iPhone’s screen can be captured by pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time, and the removal of SMS preview from the lock screen.   This feature allows you to keep your texts private when your phone is unattended and can be accomplished by navigating to Settings>Notifications>Messages and then setting the “Show Preview” option to “Off.”  However, just because you might be aware of these handy features does not mean that you know all there is to know about your iPhone’s hidden capabilities.  Read on for some of the more helpful “hidden” features you may not know about.

Saving Time…and Your Thumb!

One of the best and most underrated of the iPhone 5’s features allows you to go immediately to the top of any page you’re visiting, just by tapping the top of the screen where your clock is located.  You won’t have to scroll all the way back to the top, meaning you can get to items near the top of the page or get back to the search box quickly and easily.


Which Way is Up?

If you’ve ever been in the midst of reading or playing a game and changed position a bit, you’ve probably been frustrated by the screen of your iPhone having orientation problems.  Portrait to landscape and back again, the screen’s changing orientation can make you lose your place or flub your game.  There’s a fix for this problem that is much easier than you might think.

Start by double-clicking the Home button on your iPhone.  This causes the device to pull up a listing of recently-opened apps; simply swipe from left to right on the screen when this list comes up.  You’ll see a set of music controls, along with a gray square sporting a circular arrow to the left of the controls.  Just tap the square.  Your device will then flash the message that your screen orientation is locked.  Turn your iPhone this way and that, and marvel at the steadiness of the screen!  Your screen will only lock into portrait orientation, though, so some features will require that you unlock the screen orientation by accessing the gray square and tapping again (as outlined above).

Advanced Calculation

While a simple calculator is enough for the calculations that most users want to carry out, your iPhone 5 can accomplish feats of scientific calculations that you may have never dreamed of.  You can access a fully functional scientific calculator just by rotating your iPhone to the landscape orientation when you’ve got the calculator app open.  This is one of those features that you won’t be able to access if you’ve got the orientation locked on your device, so make sure to unlock it if you need to access the more sophisticated calculator.

Weekly Planning

You need to be able to see in an instant if you’re available during specific times or on individual days.  Your iPhone can help you with that in its built-in calendar app.  Simply open your iPhone’s calendar for a monthly view and then tilt your device so that the screen changes orientation to landscape mode (unlock your orientation if you’ve got it locked).  The view of the calendar will change from monthly to weekly, showing a detailed summary of the events you have scheduled for that week.  If you’ve tagged your appointments correctly, your weekly calendar view will be color coded for events at home, work, etc.


Silent Alerts

Some users have expressed disappointment that iPhones do not have a blinking light that can alert you to incoming messages.  Actually, iPhones do have this capability.  The built-in LED light on the camera can be set to provide a flashing light alert for incoming or waiting messages.  Simply navigate to Settings>General>Accessibility and go to the Hearing heading.  Under that heading, set the toggle switch to “On” for the “LED Flash for Alerts” option.

Making Shortcuts

It can be both time-consuming and irritating to have to keep bringing up Safari and typing in the name of a site you visit often.  You can make your own shortcut to your favorite websites that will appear on your home screen.  You’ll have to visit the site from Safari in order to make your shortcut, but from then on, it’ll be instantly accessible.

When you’re visiting the page you’d like to make a shortcut for, you’ll need to access the menu.  The button for this is located at the bottom of your Safari screen and appears to be a rectangle with an arrow pointing out of it.  Simply select the option to “Add to Home Screen” and then choose a name for your new shortcut.

The Tip of the Iceberg

There are lots of other handy little tips and tricks for the iPhone 5.  Listing them would take more time and space than I have at the moment, but fear not, more will be forthcoming!  Keep your eyes peeled for the next batch of helpful hints on getting the most out of your iPhone 5.




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