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Best IPhone Rumor Article of the Day

Actually, yesterday, The Register posted an article reporting on iPhone rumors which was titled, “What’s THAT, you say? Apple MIGHT be making a NEW iPHONE, iOS?


What I love about this article is the “No shit, Sherlock” attitude they take as they report that

Third-party programmers have claimed a gadget identifying itself as an “iPhone 6.1” running “iOS 7” has turned up in usage log files, which record information about the devices used to run their apps.

I’m always amazed when people act surprised that Apple is working on their next generation iPhone, if not two or three gens down the line. But these are usually the same people who then turn around and complain that the iPhone is updated too often, which is equally baffling.

The Register, on the other hand, totally gets it. Click HERE to read the rest of their report.

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Apple iTV television possibly being tested by Foxconn

Apple iTVThere are rumors in the industry that Foxconn, one of Apple’s main manufacturers, is doing some beta testing on 46”- 55” Apple iTV’s. For those tech lovers and Apple fans who want to be the first to get one, you will all have to wait till probably the end of 2013 maybe even beginning of 2014.

Of course there are rumors all over the web about this, but if Apple does come out with a TV, most likely it will be called an iTV.   If the iTV is real, I would love to see an iPhone / iPad app to use as a controller and or making the iTV a touch screen.  I can see an app for the iTV but the chances of a touch screen is probably slim, however one can wish for it.

As far as cost is concerned, there are no real answers at this point.  However, one would think that they will want to stay competitive and not over price these things.  My guess would be that it would go from $1799.99 to $2999.99, of course this is just a guess based on cost of current nicer LED based TV’s.

Of course, there has been no official release of any information about the iTV, so everything you hear or read today are all rumors.  What does everyone else think about the Apple iTV, is it real? What do you think the specs will be like or what would you like to see come with a television set from Apple.

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iPhones will be offered on T-Mobile USA starting in 2013

Published on December 6, 2012 by in Apple, iPad, iPhone, News, Rumors

T-Mobile to offer Apple products in 2013For all the iPhone fans that have T-Mobile in the USA the wait may be over soon.   Duetsche Telekom Tweeted that in 2013 T-Mobile USA will starting offering Apple products.  They didn’t mention which model specifically, however based on process of elimination… we can expect it to be the iPhone or iPad or both.

This is great news for all the T-mobile users who have been using an unlocked iPhone on the T-Mobile network.  If the iPhone is offered they will finally get faster data speeds on their iPhones.  No more having to buy an iPhone at full price and having to unlock it just so you can use it on the T-mobile service.

Time will tell, we will keep our readers posted…

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Black Friday 2012 at Apple

Published on November 20, 2012 by in Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mac, News, Rumors

The holiday seasons are here and for all everyone who is looking for a deal the infamous Black Friday is coming up very soon, actually some stores are doing it on Thursday.  For everyone looking to get an iPad, iPhone, iPod or mac at a discount…  this Friday would be the best time to buy.  We all know that the folks at Apple are very good at sticking to their manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) and so are their retailers, however on Friday as early as 3am you can shop online and pay less than MSRP.

To give everyone an idea of what type of discounts Apple may provide us on Black Friday 2012 lets take a look at last years price reductions.

Apple 2012 Black Friday

Black Friday 2011 Apple Discounts

-Apple Macs saw reductions by about $100

-Apple iPads had discounts anywhere from about $40 to $60

-Apple iPod Nano’s had a discount of about $10

-Apple  iPod Touch was down by about $40

-Accessories had discounts too, but they were all over the board, hard to narrow it down to a dollar figure


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Amazon forced to pull Kindle Fire ad … Ooooops!

Published on October 31, 2012 by in Apple, iPad, News, Rumors

Amazon thought they would put up an ad to fight against the Apple  iPad mini and do a comparison of the Kindle Fire HD and the Apple  iPad mini.    Unfortunately for Amazon they made the mistake of stating that the iPad mini only has a mono speaker set up and their Kindle Fire HD has stereo speakers… well Amazon was wrong.

Like many of the early reviewers of the iPad mini we also have confirmed that it does indeed include stereo speakers.   We will be posting our unwrapping of the iPad mini later this week so stay tuned.


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