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Apple inc Looking to Design 3D Feature for iPhone, iPad

A Look at the Future

Your iPhone or iPad might come with 3D object manipulation in the near future.  Apple currently holds a patent filing that carries implications for the company’s future plans for 3D object manipulation.  The filing, with the revealing title “Working with 3D Objects,” was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday.  It describes the concept for manipulating objects in three dimensions by way of gestures, meaning that three dimensional object representations will be moved and rotated, stretched and pulled, just by waving your fingers over the device’s screen.


Apple looking to go 3D

How it Works

Users will likely find that getting into 3D manipulation is easier than it might seem.  Common gestures like pinching will allow control in 2D, while getting the object into 3D will only require touching the 2D representation at three points and then lifting your fingers from the screen.  Object manipulation will be simple, requiring only simple gestures above the screen of your device.

Apple’s filing reveals that pinching or pulling gestures will actively affect the representational object by squeezing or stretching specific parts of it, much like working with clay.  This could prove to be a particularly useful modification for use in CAD programs, allowing the designer to modify a 3D object with a whole new set of tools.

The patent application provides the following explanation:

The CAD program may provide a drafting area showing 2D or 3D objects being processed by the user, and menus outside the drafting area for allowing the user to choose from various tools in generating or modifying 2D or 3D objects. For example, there may be menus for 2D object templates, 3D object templates, paint brush options, eraser options, line options, color options, texture options, options for rotating or resizing the objects, and so forth. The user may select a tool from one of the menus and use the selected tool to manipulate the 2D or 3D object.


Viewing in 3D

It’s probable that the use of some type of 3D glasses will be required in order to see the objects properly.  The patent filing allows for a display that utilizes parallax barriers or lenticular lenses.  The display may make use of varied polarizations that are intended for the right or left eye and that will need to be viewed through a polarized pair of 3D specs.  Apple’s technology may be about to take a huge leap forward and users could be looking at it in a whole new way.


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Leaked Photos Seem to Confirm Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner

Published on August 17, 2013 by in Apple, News, Rumors

Leaked Photos Seem to Confirm iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner

In one of my earlier posts, I outlined the changes that were expected to be presented in Apple’s next offering, the iPhone 5S.  Photos were leaked recently that seem to confirm that at least one of those changes is an almost-sure thing.


Biometric Scanning Rumors

Last year, Apple gained AuthenTec, a chipmaker specializing in fingerprint recognition technology.  Immediately following the acquisition, rumors started to fly that Apple was looking into developing a biometric scanner for its products.  Evidence is coming to light that the rumors may actually be true.

When one of the beta versions of iOS 7 was released, one of the testers discovered code that would work with a biometric scanner.  Newly-leaked photos of the interior of the iPhone 5S show definite changes in the metal spacer cushion in the area of the home key.  These two items together make it highly likely that the 5S will have fingerprint recognition capabilities.


Standing Out From the Crowd

In October of last year, a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office showed up on the Office’s webpage, complete with language regarding fingerprint recognition.  The filing was held by Apple and is one of many filings related to fingerprint scan technology currently held by the company.  It stands to reason that Apple will be introducing some kind of biometric scanning technology.  From the evidence available, it seems we’ll be seeing it September 10th, at Apple’s anticipated media event.

While the question of if Apple will introduce this technology has seemingly been answered, the question still remains as to how it will be received by users.  Some are questioning if the new technology will be the ultimate in iPhone data security or if it’s really just an attempt by Apple to distinguish itself among other smartphone makers.  Is it going to be an awesome alternative to having to enter a password from a locked home screen, or just a mildly interesting addition to an already highly-regarded device?  These questions and others will be answered September 10th, when Apple is expected to introduce its latest iPhone design.



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Small Changes in iOS 7 Cause Big Smiles

The largest overhaul yet of the Apple mobile operating system will come with the new iOS 7.  The new system is already causing a divide in the Apple community.  There are the users who love their current iOS version and are reluctant to embrace any change, while other users are eagerly awaiting the new system and are excited to see the changes.

These relatively diminutive additions and tweaks have already captured the hearts of some users, even though they don’t deal with any of the large-scale changes that are typically touted on the commercials for the latest iPhone.  While there won’t likely be a smarter Siri or apps that update themselves, these changes will most likely be just as important in the final tally.


Folders Get an Update

When folders were first introduced on iOS, many users were ecstatic.  Gone were the pages upon pages of apps, but in their place, users soon realized they had pages upon pages of folders, instead.  This is due to the folders only holding a specific amount of apps.  In iOS 7, folders will be equipped with pages that can be flipped through, finally allowing all of your related apps to be in one folder.


Compare and Contrast

If you’ve ever had trouble reading your lock screen clock due to interference from a specific wallpaper, iOS 7 has fixed that for you.  The new version monitors the background brightness and automatically adjusts the color of the font.  Shading will be employed around text, enabling it to be more clearly defined in low contrast areas.  The font will also switch from black to white, depending on the background wallpaper that is selected.  This may be one of the most helpful (and most easily overlooked) new features.


Safari Gets a Touch-Up

There’s nothing really wrong with the way Safari handles multiple tabs, but it is a less aesthetically pleasing than it could be.  That problem is solved in iOS 7 with a wonderfully smooth tab switching upgrade that makes closing unwanted tabs easier and faster, while allowing you to snap to the tab you want with no fuss.  Its buttons also get a bit of a tweak; they’ve been redesigned to feature icons rather than the labels present in previous versions.


Lock Screen Improvements

The familiar “slide to unlock” feature gets a makeover.  The highlight color will now be presented as a shifting color and there’s a new arrow that makes the feature a bit easier to see.  The arrow located at the top of the screen for the Notification Center has been transformed into a rounded linear shape.


Control Center Gets Easier Access

It’s easier than ever to access Control Center in iOS 7.  Just make a quick swipe up from any page for immediate access to activate Airplane mode, switch wi-fi on and off or access any other Control Center option.  You can even do this from the lock page, making access to Control Center actions more convenient and less time consuming.


Notification Center Employs Swiping Accessibility

The major change for the Notification Center comes in the form of being able to swipe between notifications by when they were received.  This includes being able to switch between “today,” “all” and “missed.”  This option makes it easier to look over older notifications that may have been buried in the previous version, as well as allowing for greater organization.


Multitasking Taken to a Whole New Level

The way you multitask is about to change, too.  The new version of iOS will be able to learn about when you typically use your apps, automatically updating the content for those apps prior to the time when you usually launch them.  Pressing the home button twice allows you to see preview screens of any apps you have open.  Updates become less of a battery drain and more convenient with iOS 7.  The new iOS will schedule any updates at times when the iPhone is already on and connected to a wi-fi source, resulting in less downtime and better battery usage.


AirDrop Comes to iOS 7

AirDrop is available for the first time on an iOS platform.  You can share virtually any type of document without e-mail or text.  AirDrop allows sharing of documents between users via wi-fi and Bluetooth.  You won’t have to set anything up to start sharing and your files are encrypted for security.  You can choose to share your file with a single recipient or send it to an entire group.  You’re automatically visible, but you can become invisible to anyone or everyone with a quick visit to the Control Center.


Many Other Features Get an Upgrade in iOS 7

From mail to photos and far beyond, there are many tweaks to existing features that make them more accessible and user-friendly.  The phone buttons get a makeover and so does the camera.  Sharing gets easier via iCloud and you’ll also have access to an iCloud “key-chain,” an encrypted and very secure service that can remember your passwords for any site you visit.  There’s also an option for password generation, where Safari makes a hard-to-guess password and even remembers it for you.


Apple Fans Anticipate Roll-out

The new version of the popular Apple mobile operating service is eagerly awaited by scores of Apple fans.  New versions of old features are creating a lot of excitement with the select few who have the beta version and Apple’s new iOS 7 seems to be a slam-dunk before it even arrives.






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While iPhone 5S Gears Up for Launch, Rumors Swirl Around iPhone 6

Published on August 12, 2013 by in Apple, iPhone, News, Rumors

Apple iPhone 5S announcement Sept 10th

Possible Release Date for iPhone 5S

Inside information has come to light that the iPhone 5S will be introduced on September 10, 2013.  Rumors had been circulating around the September 10 date for some time, but sources are now saying it’s confirmed.  The information has come from a confidential source that has the inside track on Apple’s launch plans and is extremely reliable.

The iPhone 5S is said to be the new flagship model for the brand.  It keeps the familiar iPhone aluminum and metal construction, while rolling out a new, better-quality camera, a faster processor and, possibly, a fingerprint scanner to provide an additional layer of security.  There are also rumors flying that the new iPhone 5S will be available in a gold color in addition to the well-known black and white color options.

The actual release date for iPhone 5S will likely be in late September.  If Apple follows its typical schedule, the release will be a few weeks after the announcement.  Apple has a tendency to announce a new product and its release date at the same time, so the exact release date will most likely be known on September 10, as well.

Rumors Surround the Anticipated iPhone 5C

Speculation has been floating around that Apple will also be introducing a new, low-cost iPhone.  The iPhone 5C is said to sport a plastic and fiberglass shell instead of the traditional metal and aluminum construction.  This change will allow Apple to offer the iPhone 5C at a lower cost and in a variety of colors.  Some allegedly leaked photos of the new, lower-cost devices show iPhones in many different shades, including lime green, red, yellow and others.

iPhone 6 Infinity Rumors are Already Circulating

With less than a month to the announcement about the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 Infinity is already inspiring buzz among Apple enthusiasts.  The iPhone 6 Infinity mock ups are sporting a wrap-around screen, sparking the imagination of app developers and users alike.

While there are several logistical problems that would have to be overcome with this type of design, it is definitely catching the attention of Apple iPhone fans.  Several sites have offered a design template where users can offer their own take on the wrap-around design.

With the new generation of iPhones not quite on the market, Apple fans are already planning the next.



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Apple iPhone 5S top rumors that may become fact

Published on August 9, 2013 by in Apple, iPhone, News, Rumors

Top 5 iPhone 5S rumors that may become fact


Apple iPhone 5S will be released later this year, although an official launch date has not been released, nor has official specifications.  We at www.AppleApproved.com want to put together a list of rumors that we believe are strong candidates for fact.  Here are your Top 5

1. The most obvious one iPhone 5S will launch this year

Rumor mill has churned up many dates for the release of the iPhone 5S and what we have concluded is that the release date will most likely be in September.  Now depending on which website or source you hear from it can be early September or Late September.   If we were to take an educated guess, early September would be a good times since that about the same time Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 3… always competing for attention.  J

2. Form factor should be the same (Should like just like the iPhone 5)

The guys in Cupertino have had this pattern of keeping the same form factor during for 2 generations, so as far as we are concerned the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S, the appearance should be very similar.  There might be some slight changes but physically both phones will be the same.

 3. One of coolest new features… Fingerprint Sensor

We believe that the best new feature on the Apple iPhone 5S will be Fingerprint sensor, although Apple inc has not confirmed it, there is a lot of evidence out there on the web from credible sources saying that this will happen.  Here is something to think about to help show how true this may be, the beta version of Apple’s iOS 7 included biometric fingerprint support.  But we will not know till we see official specs and pictures from the guys at Cupertino.

4. Higher resolution camera

The iPhone 5S should include at least a 12 megapixel camera sensor.  The previous S model, iPhone 4S, had a resolution upgrade from the iPhone 4. Also to continue to be competitive they need to keep upping the resolution, since the Galaxy S4 and other smart phones are not coming with higher resolution.

5. Another obvious one… iPhone 5S will come with iOS 7

I think that this one is one of the most accurate and can almost be Fact, that the Apple iPhone 5S will come with iOS7.


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