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YouTube App made entirely from Google for iOS

YouTube App made by Google

Now you can stream YouTube videos to through you Apple AirPlay using the new updated YouTube App for iOS, version (iPhone 5 and iPad update).  This new app is available today, so for all the YouTube fans out there that want to stream it through AirPlay go download it now.

It’s very exciting to see that Google developed this app 100%, because this just shows their commitment to iOS and I am hoping that we will start seeing more apps from them.

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iTunes offers Free Learning from World Class Institutions! (Homework Not Required.)

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iTunes U

Free Education via iTunesU

Apple has great products and services- a lot of them, any of which I am more than happy to wax poetic (okay, maybe not poetic!) about at a moment’s notice. Airport express base stations? Let me tell you how easy they are to fix. iPod touch? Can’t live without mine and friends know better than to let me get started going on about it. iBooks store? Samples of every book so I can decide what I want to buy, not to mention the selection of free books! Today though, I’m talking about a frequently overlooked service which I personally believe is the single best thing to ever come out of Cupertino: iTunes U.

You’ve probably noticed it while poking around iTunes on your computer, maybe wondered what it was. But have you actually checked it out? If not, I urge you to right now.
Introduced in 2007, iTunes U has a twofold purpose: incorporating learning materials for classes into a format easily portable on one’s computer or mobile device allowing a great opportunity for the integration of technology into education at any level; and distributing educational materials to iTunes users to learn anything they want, anytime, anywhere.
You might not be able to afford the time or money required for a Harvard or Oxford or Yale education, but with iTunes U, you can take a few of their classes at your convenience, all you need is time, an internet connection, and a computer with iTunes installed or an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with the iTunes U app installed. It might not get you a degree, but it will definitely get you started on learning just about anything you can imagine.
Learn iOS apps development. A foreign language. Economics, literature, film criticism, world history. These are just a few examples of the topics offered from schools at all levels, around the world.
iTunes U, along with free books on the iBooks store, the apps store, and podcasts are the only services available in all countries where there exists an iTunes store (in other words, it’s more widely available than the iTunes music store!)
So whatever you’re interested in learning about, iTunes U will have something to grab your interest. Next time you’re on your iPhone or computer, why not go and check out iTunes’s quieter, more studious cousin and see what it has to offer you?
Ready to Learn
(all photos are from of Apple.com)
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No More Twinkies?

I usually like to write about Apple products, however I know many people are fans of the Hostess Twinkie snacks.    That’s right, Hostess is closing it’s doors and selling off all their assets.   at the beginning of this year they filed a Chapter 11.

Now I know what everyone is thinking… NO WAY, but yes its true.  I too cant believe it.    Well the good thing is that these Twinkies have a ultra long shelf life… so stock up now, because there may not be anymore Twinkies… unless someone buys the brand and starts to make them again.  Even if that happens, may not taste the same.

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Time Magazine Cover Shot with iPhone 4S

Professional photographer Ben Lowy recently had an image of his published on the cover of Time Magazine — an image shot with an iPhone 4S. When asked about whether or not it mattered that he was using an iPhone as opposed to professional camera equipment, Lowy had a great response:

“Everyone has a pen, but not everyone can draw.”

As technology progresses, the push to create creativity increases. Apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic, and other photo filtering suites attempt to give an average user the ability to make outstanding images. I hear a lot of photographers complaining about things like this, attempting to trumpet the value of expensive equipment.

But, like Lowy, I believe it is not the quality of the equipment that determines the quality of the product, but rather the quality of the photographer’s vision. The closer technology brings us to “creativity in a box” the more apparent true artists will become. I, for one, am eager to see the results.

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Apple Haters and the Way They Grieve


Making its way around the Web (again) is a post dug up on Tumblr from a comment on an arstechnica article. Oddly named, The Real Blastdoor, this commenter nails what we all see after most Apple product launches:

The Apple haters’ stages of grief go something like this:

  1. Predict failure of new Apple product
  2. Attribute early success of new Apple product to rabid fanbois affected by the reality distortion field
  3. Attribute longer term success of product to stupidity of consumers
  4. Purchase previously scorned product for stupid relatives so they stop bothering you to help support the open source version of Apple product sold by Super Lucky Technology Extreme Inc. that you convinced them to buy
  5. Purchase previously scorned product for yourself just to see what all the fuss is about
  6. Admit that you now own and use the product, but complain about the product’s lack of SD card slot on random Internet forum
  7. Forget prior criticism of product, claim that it was revolutionary and an example of how Apple used to be really innovative, but has now lost its edge

Rinse and repeat.

Simply read through the comments on any news article about any new Apple product and you will see commenters in various stages of exactly this. I’m not sure what it is that drives people to so furiously hate something that ends up being better for technology and even humanity. Are we really willing to say that smartphones would have naturally progressed to where they are now without Apple? Would anyone carry a Samsung anything?

Not likely.

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