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Best IPhone Rumor Article of the Day

Actually, yesterday, The Register posted an article reporting on iPhone rumors which was titled, “What’s THAT, you say? Apple MIGHT be making a NEW iPHONE, iOS?


What I love about this article is the “No shit, Sherlock” attitude they take as they report that

Third-party programmers have claimed a gadget identifying itself as an “iPhone 6.1” running “iOS 7” has turned up in usage log files, which record information about the devices used to run their apps.

I’m always amazed when people act surprised that Apple is working on their next generation iPhone, if not two or three gens down the line. But these are usually the same people who then turn around and complain that the iPhone is updated too often, which is equally baffling.

The Register, on the other hand, totally gets it. Click HERE to read the rest of their report.

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