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Finding A Lost iPhone

It happens to everyone: you put your phone down and get sidetracked, you leave it in a public place, or any of the multiple ways to lose a phone. You might be like me and have a terrible memory, which would lead you to forget where you put your phone. For some, this could be devastating; lost passwords, emails, contacts… the missing information may seem irretrievable. However, this isn’t the case; Apple has done a great job making your lost device recoverable. Your iPhone comes equipped with a few ways to find it, so don’t worry!

The most standard way to find a lost device is with a feature called ‘Find My iPhone.’ Say you’ve lost your phone; after logging on to iCloud.com using your Apple ID, you’ll be able to click the ‘Find My iPhone’ tab and instantly get a layout using Google Maps and a nice green dot showing where your device is. If that doesn’t help you locate it, there are a few features that can assist. If you click the ‘Devices’ button, you’ll get a full list of your devices. Selecting one will allow you to play a sound that’ll ring your phone – maybe you’re sitting on it and don’t even realize it. For more security, you can remotely lock your phone using the ‘Lost Mode’ button. This will allow you set a code to keep your device secure. If you feel like you need even more security, there’s also an option to erase your iPhone remotely as well. Be cautious when using this – it’s definitely irreversible, unless you have your files backed up. One thing to keep in mind is that your phone does have to be on to track it.


Find My iPhone is a great way to recover your lost device.


Another extremely efficient app is called GadgetTrak. As of now, it’s $3.99 on the App Store, but it’s definitely cheaper than replacing a lost phone. GadgetTrak has many of the same features that Find My iPhone does, but with some modifications. It can take pictures of a potential thief so you’ll have some face recognition. Of course, it comes with location tracking, which can be remotely activated from any computer with internet access. You’ll be able to send push notifications to the phone to allow a person who has recovered your device the chance to return it.

There are a multitude of other applications that can be used to locate a lost phone. Look around the App Store and see which one fits you best. Spending $4-5 for a high-end app is much more appealing than going to an Apple store to explain that you need to replace a lost or stolen phone.

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