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iPhone 6 to come with Sapphire front glass and a larger screen

Published on July 23, 2014 by in iPhone, News, Rumors

Apple has decided to go with the flow and try to gain more market share by releasing an iPhone with a larger screen, but wait there’s more… not only will the new iPhone 6 have a larger screen, it will come with a sapphire front glass (technically it is synthetic sapphire glass). If you are not familiar with what sapphire glass is, it’s a very durable and almost scratch proof material that you will find on most high end watches and not being incorporated into the next iPhone.
According to several rumors and some close sources to the manufacturer the next generation iPhone will come in a couple sizes, 4.4” and 5.5” screen options. The guys over in Cupertino, CA are so confident in the next release that they have reportedly asked their suppliers to manufacture between 70 to 80 million units, this is definitely up from the 50 to 60 million units of iPhone 5S and 5C.
So what does everyone think about this… will Apples bet pay off and continue their success or will they have too many units laying around during launch? I for one think that with this new larger version, especially with the 2 choices in size they will sell out.

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Apple iPhone 5S top rumors that may become fact

Published on August 9, 2013 by in Apple, iPhone, News, Rumors

Top 5 iPhone 5S rumors that may become fact


Apple iPhone 5S will be released later this year, although an official launch date has not been released, nor has official specifications.  We at www.AppleApproved.com want to put together a list of rumors that we believe are strong candidates for fact.  Here are your Top 5

1. The most obvious one iPhone 5S will launch this year

Rumor mill has churned up many dates for the release of the iPhone 5S and what we have concluded is that the release date will most likely be in September.  Now depending on which website or source you hear from it can be early September or Late September.   If we were to take an educated guess, early September would be a good times since that about the same time Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 3… always competing for attention.  J

2. Form factor should be the same (Should like just like the iPhone 5)

The guys in Cupertino have had this pattern of keeping the same form factor during for 2 generations, so as far as we are concerned the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S, the appearance should be very similar.  There might be some slight changes but physically both phones will be the same.

 3. One of coolest new features… Fingerprint Sensor

We believe that the best new feature on the Apple iPhone 5S will be Fingerprint sensor, although Apple inc has not confirmed it, there is a lot of evidence out there on the web from credible sources saying that this will happen.  Here is something to think about to help show how true this may be, the beta version of Apple’s iOS 7 included biometric fingerprint support.  But we will not know till we see official specs and pictures from the guys at Cupertino.

4. Higher resolution camera

The iPhone 5S should include at least a 12 megapixel camera sensor.  The previous S model, iPhone 4S, had a resolution upgrade from the iPhone 4. Also to continue to be competitive they need to keep upping the resolution, since the Galaxy S4 and other smart phones are not coming with higher resolution.

5. Another obvious one… iPhone 5S will come with iOS 7

I think that this one is one of the most accurate and can almost be Fact, that the Apple iPhone 5S will come with iOS7.


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Will Apple be making a larger screened iPhone

Published on April 23, 2013 by in Apple, News, Rumors

Will Apple create an iPhone with a 5″ screen?

According to Apple Insider Apples CEO is hinting that there may be a potential new iPhone with at least a 5″ screen, but says that Apple would not release one until the screen technology improves.  As we know technology is ever changing and moving quickly… so I wouldn’t be surprised if an iPhone with a larger screen is released at the end of this year or before mid next year.  Rumor does have it that thee may be secretly working on a new smart phone with at least a 5″ screen now.

You can view the full story by clicking here

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Google Glass or Apple iWatch

Published on February 20, 2013 by in Commentary

Which to choose Google Glass or iWatchThere seems to be a lot of talk about the Google Glass and Apple iWatch.  Many are wondering if they are going to be real products, but I think the real question is… Which would you rather have or would you want both?

I think the Google Glass is a great concept, having all the information at the tip of your eye and without any keyboards, just using your voice.    Imagine being at the store and trying to compare prices without having pull out your smart phone and taking a picture of the item and or bar code.  One of the wow factors is that you wont forget a name anymore… with the Glass all the info will be right there.  But what happens when its raining?  Will Google make it waterproof or at least water-resistant?   Wonder if there will be any studies done regarding viewing things at such close range at high-resolution and with that one eye… will it strain it?   Makes you wonder doesn’t it… what other things can you guys think of that can be pros and cons of the Google Glass.

Now the iWatch is something that is another great concept.  Although no word of Apple inc actually producing one but rumor has it that they are looking into it.  An iWatch can be great but what if I already have a nice time piece that I sent a ton of money on and like to wear?  I guess I could sell it to get the iWatch.    Joking aside, the iWatch sounds like it will be a great extension to your iPhone.   No more having to reach in your pocket to get quick information or see text or who is calling, etc.    One concern I had would be battery life.  Would this device need to be charged daily?

With so many unknowns about the 2 devices, I don’t know which I would  go with. Which one would you choose?

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iPhone is not made by Apple… at least not in Brazil

Published on February 15, 2013 by in Apple, iPhone, News
iPhone not made by Apple

In Brazil the iPhone is not made by Apple

Apple has done a great job marketing the iPhone and almost everyone knows what it is, a smart phone manufactured by Apple Inc.   Well in Brazil the iPhone is not made by Apple and is not running iOS.  The Brazilian iPhone comes unlocked and runs on Android, not iOS, but wait there’s more… it’s got a 700Mhz processor, 5MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera and can support 2 SIM cards… all this for around $300!

Who makes this phone you ask?  IGB Eletronica does and they have had the IPHONE name since the 1998.  Yep, the guys in Cupertino are not happy about this and of course have their lawyers all over it.  Too bad the chances of securing that name rights are going to be on the slim side.   So what else could they do… well money talks and we all know Apple Inc has some deep pockets.

The Apple version of the iPhone has been selling in Brazil and will not stop; they just might not be able to call it the iPhone.  What would you guys call it instead?

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