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Apple’s Experimentation with Phablets

Published on September 6, 2013 by in Apple, Rumors

Apple’s Experimentation with Phablets

There has been a definite trend among Apple’s competitors in recent years to provide their users with ever-expanding screens for their smartphones.  Apple’s 4-inch screen for the iPhone looks positively puny in comparison to the offerings from Samsung, HTC and others.  These larger smartphones have earned the moniker “phablet.”  Apple has been conspicuously absent from the phablet arena, but that may be about to change.

Sampling Screen Sizes

Apple may be toying with the idea of giving the iPhone a larger screen, putting it in competition with Samsung’s Galaxy phablets and HTC’s One.  These phablets feature large screens with resolution that rivals that of the iPhone 5’s screen that comes in at just four inches.  The iPhone 5 can also still be held in just one hand, while some phablets have gotten so large that they are uncomfortable to try to hold in one hand for calls or other actions.  Apple purportedly wishes to avoid this problem, and while they’ve been looking at screens ranging up to six inches, it is most likely that the larger screen would still be less than five inches.  The screen size that is reportedly drawing the most attention from the company’s developers appears to be around 4.8 inches, meaning that the larger iPhone would fall somewhere between the size of the Galaxy S4 and that of the HTC One.

How iPhone Might Measure Up

Samsung recently released its Galaxy Note 3 at the Unpacked Episode 2 event in Berlin.  That phablet features a 5.7 inch screen.  The Galaxy Mega could be considered as just a smaller tablet with smartphone capabilities.  It’s huge, sporting a 6.3 inch screen.  Apple won’t cross the line of a five inch screen, though.  Avid followers point to the company’s commitment to keeping one-handed use possible, meaning that Apple is inherently limited in the size increase it could employ on future generations of the iPhone.

No Murmurs for September 10th Event

While Apple is expected to unveil the latest generation of iPhones in just a few days, there has been little-to-no speculation that they will sport larger screens.  Rather, the unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is expected to focus on the new biometric security features of the 5S and the lower cost and redesigned case for the 5C.  There is also a lot of speculation that the new iOS 7 will be introduced and discussed in detail.   That’s not to say that the new iPhones won’t have a larger screen, but from what we’ve seen and heard recently, I’d say the chances of such a change are pretty slim during the September 10th media event.




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