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Apple Plans Pre-Holiday Revamp for iPad, iPhone, Software

Published on August 13, 2013 by in Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mac

Apple to do a pre-holiday revamp

September iPhone Unveiling is Precursor for Holiday Plans

Much excitement surrounds the September introduction of the new iPhone 5S, but Apple has larger plans in store for holiday shoppers.  Apple is also purportedly planning to release revamped versions of the iPad and iPad mini prior to the holiday shopping season.

The new iPad will be thinner and sport a bezel that is not as wide as in previous models.  Its 9.7 inch screen will be encased in a body that is more like that of the current iPad mini; the new design is the first change in over a year.  March 2012 saw the last major change in iPad design when a high-resolution screen was introduced in the new iPad shape.  The company is also expected to introduce a new version of the iPad mini that will feature a high-definition screen.

Apple’s New Versions Aim to Capture Huge Market Share

These new product versions are expected to entice holiday shoppers who have not purchased new Apple products due to the lack of choices available.  With almost 70% of Apple’s last-quarter sales accounted for by iPad and iPhone sales, the release of new versions of these products is expected to help the company recapture some of its stock growth and market share.  These releases are designed and timed to boost stock prices that have slumped for Apple recently due to a lack of new products and slow profit growth.

Software Updates Also Expected

In June, Apple laid out plans to provide software updates and introduce iOS 7.  New iPhones and iPads will be equipped with the new mobile operating system.  iOS 7 includes changes to several basic functions like e-mail and calendar apps, as well as offering new color schemes and icons.

All Eyes on Apple

Analysts have predicted that Apple will garner huge profits during the 2013 holiday shopping season.  Many other companies are not even going to try to compete with them, instead opting to change the release dates of their own products in order to avoid being in Apple’s (admittedly huge) shadow.  All eyes will be on Apple for these new releases.  After the new products hit the market just in time for the holiday season, the company is expecting a boom in their sales numbers that will last approximately six months.


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