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Another Day, Another Leak about iPhone 5S

Published on September 6, 2013 by in Apple, News, Rumors

Another Day, Another Leak about iPhone 5S

We’ve seen lots of leaks regarding Apple’s upcoming media event, where the company is expected to introduce the next generation of its flagship handset, the iPhone.  The latest leak purportedly shows a detailed view of the biometric scanner that may be employed in the iPhone 5S.  The photos show a component that will sit under the Home key of the handset.  It is widely believed to be a fingerprint scanner that will add an additional security layer to the device.

The high-resolution photos popped up online today, published by Australian teen, Sonny Dickson.  The images show hardware with a circular area that would incorporate the actual scanning mechanism within its center.  Lower-quality images were floating around at the beginning of the week, and while the earlier images cannot be matched 100% due to the difference in quality, they do appear to be of the same component.  These new images show the part in much better detail.

Leaked photos from August showed a definite change around the Home button of the purported iPhone 5S and rumors of other internal design changes have been flying through the online grapevine.  This makes sense, as a fingerprint scanner would be much more complex than the traditional Home button mechanism.

Developers who have been working with the Beta version of iOS 7 have found evidence for a “Biometric Kit” within the code, giving credence to speculation that the next generation of iPhones will employ some form for biometric scanning.  Also within the code was a description of an image showing someone being “recognized” by the device after placing their thumb on the Home button.

Rumors of biometric scanning have been circulating since Apple acquired AuthenTec last year.  AuthenTec had been developing semiconductor-based sensors that could detect the ridges and valleys inherent in a fingerprint in enough detail to be used as a security device.  The company had already developed much of the needed technology and had constructed a very small device for biometric identification when Apple acquired them for around $350 million.

With the September 10th media event just around the corner, speculation about Apple’s plans and new devices seems to grow as each day passes.  Today was no different, and I’m sure tomorrow has more tidbits in store.  Stay tuned for the latest news from Apple and keep up on all the latest on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Siri, iOS and more.






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