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All the Rumors about iPad Pro 2

Published on July 22, 2016 by in Apple

idevicesWe got to set our eyes on the breath taking iPad Pro on 11th November 2015. So when is the new one going to come? And what is it likely to bring along with it? Here is all that you need to know about the iPad Pro 2 and the rumors that we have heard about.

Everyone is looking forward to an amazing upgrade to the iPad Pro series and let’s just say that the rumors are making it too exciting for us. The Apple fanatics are eager to get a 7.9 inch screen for the iPad Pro. But without having any solid reasons for this; Apple Inc. is not up for this upgrade yet.

The iPad Pro series is great but let’s admit the fact that it is not PERFECT. For people who might say that nothing is perfect, you need to get some products of Apple and see how they nail perfection. So why not the iPad Pro update gets near to perfection for us? So what is it that the new iPad Pro needs to have in it to satisfy the buyers? Here is a quick and small wish list that a lot of Apple users have pulled together:

  • Live Photographs
  • A pink color in the color options
  • 4K Video Recording feature
  • Display which comes with True Tone and Wide Color
  • 12 MP Rear Camera
  • 5 MP Front Camera
  • 32 GB Cellular Buying Option

iPad ProThe makers of iPad Pro are expected to bring in a lot of changes in their keyboard as well. Even though the Apple Keyboard might seem perfect for a lot of people; it simply isn’t. The users wish that a 9.7 inch keyboard should be created so that it can be really easy to type on. If apple cannot attend to do this it is suggested that they can involve a third party with them to do so. It is also demanded that the accessory line needs to be updated in all so that the iPad Pro update might be able to drive in more people.



iPad Pro pictureWe need more and more of home screen icons. And this is a demand from all the Apple users. It gets quite frustrating that you are not allowed to fit in more app icons on your home screen. The rumors have it that this demand has also reached the Apple Inc. and they are planning to work on it as well.

There is so much that people want and are expecting from iPad Pro 2 but we never know what will be coming up. We hope to look forward to a lot of upgradations! However it is not suspected to release before 2017.


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